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The first order of business when we arrived in Acoyapa was visiting new babies. We were gone a grand total of 5 days and 2 new babies popped up while we were gone. One thing they don't have a shortage of in Nicaragua is babies. The living conditions in the one house we visited were a little on the frightening side. The house has dirt floors and they collect rain water in an old gear oil barrel to drink. It definately gives you an appreciation for life here in the good old USA.

Another Accident!

The Tractor Is Blocking Me

A New Baby

Another New Baby

Mmmm, Milk

Glad I Don't Have To Mow It

Juniett Likes Babies

So Does Her Mom

Don't Drink The Water

Cause It's Stored In A Gear Oil Barrel
Finally, it was time to open the gifts. The most popular gift was glasses while towels took a close second. Bed sheets were also a popular item. One thing that was a little different than a wedding in the USA is that most of the gifts were unlabeled as to who they were from. This makes it impossible to send thank you notes but Correos Nicaragua (the Nicaraguan mail service) would probably see to it that none of them were ever delivered anyway.

Time To Open The Gifts

What Could It Be?


A Pitcher


A Wall Clock

Grandma Is Jealous

More Dishes

Our Helper

A Towel

Monogramed Pillow Cases

Monogramed Pillow Cases

I Got A Shirt

And She Got Underwear

Gold Jewelry

More Gifts To Open

A Dress

I'm More Of A Tighty Whitey Guy

Not Sure What That Is...



Sexy Lingerie

Skimpy Underwear :)

Another Pitcher

More Glasses

What Is This?

Oh, It's A Candy Dish

My Kind Of Gift!

Plastic Clock With "Ancient Construction"

What's In Here?


A Candle Holder

The "Booty"

The Gold Collection

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