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On Thursday we bid farewell to Montelimar and took my Aunt to the airport for her flight back to Pittsburgh. Along the way I took some pictures that illustrate government stupidity in it's highest form. In the town of San Rafeal Del Sur they are putting in sidewalks. It's not that sidewalks are a bad idea but wouldn't you think it would be a good idea to fix the road before worrying about sidewalks? In places the roads are barely passable because of all the potholes yet they will have beautiful new sidewalks next to them.

Building Sidewalks

Building Sidewalks

Cabs In San Rafeal Del Sur

San Rafeal Del Sur

Local Church

Local Church

Your Government At Work

Yes, That's A Street In Managua
After our excursion to the airport Juniett and I spent the day visiting various family members and receiving "felicadades" on our wedding. I took some pictures while driving around from place to place. I also took a video in one of the homes that is definately humbling.

October is apparently the beginning of cashew season in Managua because people are peddling them at every corner. I hadn't seen them before on previous trips so this is why I'm guessing they are now "in season".

Juniett & Her Cousin

A Simple Home In Managua

The Front Yard

Happy Child

The Pulperia

We Got Smokes

Neighborhood In Managua

Neighborhood In Managua

The Gassy Gorilla

Another Accident!

Yes, Managua Has A Country Club

This Guy Is Proud Of His Nuts

Lock Up The Mail

Dog In A Bag

Juniett's Mom
On Friday we headed to the NicaBus terminal so Juniett's mom could head back to Costa Rica. The only problem was the NicaBus was full that day so mom couldn't go home. Juniett & I were heading back to Acoyapa for the day so we could open out wedding gifts so mom ended up coming with us.

Roadside Carne Asada Joint

Juniett & Mom

Juniett & Mom

Juniett Posing

Juniett Posing

Juniett Posing

Me Driving

The NicaBus Terminal

Agusto Sandino Airport

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