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The Barcelo Montelimar Beach Resort has 2 types of rooms. There are the standard hotel rooms and then there are what they call "bungalows". The bungalows are actually little houses that are very private and cozy. The bungalows are a lot larger than the hotel rooms but the hotel rooms have a better view. Both are the same price (around $90/night for 2 people, $70/night for 1 person, all-inclusive) and are quite a bargain. The property itself is massive and has nearly 2 miles of private beach. It's so big, in fact, that they have a "train" to take you around the property if you don't want to walk.

The Hotel "Train"

Riding To Our Bungalow

Juniett Likes Montelimar

Our Bungalow

Bungalow At Montelimar

Cozy Front Porch

We Have Hammocks

Comfy Bed

My Aunt Tries Out The Hammock
The resort has 5 restaurants but only 1 was open when we were there. The all-inclusive plan includes a buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Normally, I hate buffets but this one was unbelievable. There were so many choices for each meal it was hard to decide what to eat. The food itself was incredible and included a nice mix of traditional Nicaragua fare along with more international cusine. In addition to the main courses there was also a dessert buffet, a sushi bar, an ice cream bar, and a great selection of fresh baked bread and rolls.

Unbelievable Food

And It Never Ends

View From Restaurant

Juniett Is Happy

I'm Still Shocked She Married Me

Nice Wristband

Walking To The Beach

Walking To The Beach

Mmmm, Breakfast

Lousy Photo

View From The Restaurant

Cards For Beach Towels
The resort has 293 rooms and I honestly believe that if every one of them was full the place still wouldn't feel crowded. The week we were there, however, there couldn't have been more than 50 guests in the whole place. It honestly felt like being a billionare because we pretty much had the place to ourselves. The private beach is seperated from the town of Pochomil by a rocky point and it's very clean. The resort provides boogy boards, beach towels, and beach chairs free of charge to guests.

Walking on the beach...

The Beach Is Packed

Quick, There's 2 Chairs

Not Sure We Can Find A Spot

Sister Juniett

It's A Great Bikini

But You Don't Get To See It ;)

My Wife Is Shy

My Aunt's Polish Beach Bag

It's Beautiful Here

The Beach

Nice Waves

Little River

Pretty Bird

Hanging Out

A Sand Dollar

The Lifegaurd Stand

Rocky Point

The Casino

Beautiful Secluded Beach

Crashing Waves

I Show My Artistic Side

Montelimar Beach Resort

Montelimar Beach Resort

Montelimar Beach Resort

Montelimar Beach Resort

Montelimar Beach Resort

Montelimar Beach Resort


Gilligan's Island?

Beach Shower
After a thorough workout in the ocean it was time to hit the pool and this is no ordinary pool. Montelimar Beach Resort's claim to fame is that they have the largest pool in Central/South America. In the center of the pool there's a bar and a restaurant. If the big pool isn't enough for you there are also 4 more smaller pools scattered around the resort.

Montelimar Beach Resort Pool

Montelimar Beach Resort Pool

Montelmar Beach Resort Hotel

Montelimar Beach Resort Pool

What's Over Here?


And A Weight Room

This Is One Big Pool

Juniett Lounging
After a tough day at the beach and lot's of swimming in the pool my aunt and wife decided to get massages. When I asked the girls at the salon how much a massage was the price quickly dropped from $25 for a half hour to $20 for an hour massage. It seems business was pretty slow at the old massage parlor. While they were getting their massages I used the time to walk around and explore the resort more. One of the neat things on the property is a small zoo. They take in animals that have been injured and rehabilitate them. They have all sorts of animals but the birds are spectacular. They even have a Spanish speaking parrot that says "hola" when you walk by.

While I was walking around I noticed some guys working on a roof. They had a rather unusual technique for hauling roofing tiles...

Sister Juniett Again

The Maids Leave Flowers

Hammocks Are Everywhere

It's Beautiful Here

Palm Tree

The Property Is Amazing

Scary Wiring

Juniett After Her Massage

The Road To The Golf Course

Well, The Mini-Golf Course...

There's A Zoo Here Also

The Zoo


Lot's Of Animals

A Rooster

The Golf Course

A Peacock

Another Pool

A Toucan

Pretty Parrot

The Playground

Yet Another Pool

Lot's Of Roots

Interesting Statues

Road To The Restaurant

The Maids Are Artists As Well

The Hotel

The Pool Area

Map Of The Grounds

View From My Aunts Room

The Lobby

We Are Here

Hotel Entrance

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