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Saturday arrived and it was finally the day of the big wedding. Our first stop was to the "wedding hall" to see how the preparations were going for setting up the hall. The answer was....verrrrrry slowly. Thankfully, my Aunt took charge and the pace of the operation greatly increased.

Setting Up For The Wedding

The Cerveza Stand

The Crew Hard At Work

Nice Place For A Wedding

The Main Bar

The Wedding Hall

View From The Bar

The Wedding Hall

Keeps Of The Riffraff

The Light Stands

The Wedding Hall

The Wedding Hall

Only The Best For My Wedding

The Wedding Hall

We Need Chairs
To be honest, I didn't have a whole lot to do the day of the wedding so I took to exploring Acoyapa. I was walking around and I saw 2 guys making leather saddles so I wandered in to see what else they made. It turns out they also make leather machete holsters. I think it's a law in Nicaragua that every male over the age of 12 has to have a machete. You see people with them everywhere. At any rate I bought a bunch of machetes and made their day.

Lot's Of Propane

Nice House In Acoyapa

Making A Saddle

Beautiful Saddles

We Bought Machetes

My Aunt With Her New Toy
Once I had cornered the market on machetes we headed back to check on the progress of the food. Things were moving right along in the kitchen so we decided to eat lunch and then do a little more exploring in Acoyapa.

Strategy Session

My Aunt Takes Charge

Marinating The Chicken

Cooking Outdoors

Looks Good

The Oven

Baking The Chicken

Transporting The Food

The Ice Store

Making Buttons

Mmmm, Lunch

Mmmm, Lunch

Wake Up Porky

Please Don't Cook My Friends

The Pigs Try To Hide

But There's No Escape...

We Have Beans

And We Have Rice
Our first stop was the store that sold caskets and car batteries. I'm not quite sure how those 2 items end up being sold in the same place but if you need to bury grandma and get your car started I know the place to go now.

It was starting to get late and I still needed a haircut. Juniett's brother took me to the local barber shop and it was packed. I'm pretty sure I'm probably the only gringo that's ever been in the place. After waiting for about an hour there were still 3 old men waiting for haircuts ahead of me. Juniett's brother asked if I could go ahead of them since I was getting married in a few hours and they basically said that I could sit there until I died for all they cared. It seems they didn't care much for gringos. I eventually did get my 20 Cordoba ($1) haircut and I headed back to pick up Juniett.

Hanging out at the barber shop...

It was now almost 6 o'clock and our wedding was at 7 PM. We still had to go back to the hotel and change clothes and the hotel was 20 minutes away. I had forgotten, however, where I was. In Nicaragua (or Latin America for that matter) something starting at 7 PM really starts around 8:30 or 9.

Car Batteries & Caskets

Local Church

Local Church

The Relics Room

My Aunt & Her Bodygaurd

Big Cross

The Church Has A BBall Court

Getting Closer

Surveying The Scene

Mucho Tables

Juniett Getting Her Hair Done

I Go To The Barber Shop

It Was Crowded

Look, There's A Gringo Here

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