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As the plane descended on Managua I couldn't resist snapping a few more pictures. Managua is hot, dirty, ugly, smelly, polluted, corrupt, and often baffling to an American but I miss it horribly when I'm away. It's now my second home and I literally count the days until I get back. This trip would be like no other. I was going to be in Nicaragua for 16 days and more importantly I was going to be married when I left. With that in mind I took a ton of photos on this trip to try and document the entire journey and give people some idea of what my life in Nicaragua is like.

Lake Managua

Lake Managua

Lake Managua

Lake Managua

Managua From The Air

Managua From The Air
Juniett's cousin Saleen picked me up at the airport and our first stop was to his office. He and his mother own a trucking company that's located near the airport.

Pharaoh's Casino

Nica Air Force

Saleen & His Mom

One Of The Trucks

Local Restaurant

Jesus Lives In Nicaragua
When I arrived at my place Juniett and several cousins were there to greet me. If you're dating a Nica one thing you'll never be short on is family members at your house. It seems like everywhere we go we run into a cousin, an uncle, or a sister. They're all so warm and friendly though that it's a joy to have them around.

Our first stop was PriceSmart. PriceSmart is like a Sam's Club or a CostCo store. The prices are amazingly cheap so we did a lot of our wedding shopping there. The thing that always puzzles me is why they have the big towers in the parking lot. I have no idea what they're for and I've yet to see anyone in one. Since PriceSmart is always packed with people with money the parking lot is always packed with people selling things as well. This trip there was a guy in the parking lot selling dogs. It's the first time I've ever seen a portable pet shop.

Juniett & Michelle

Juniett & Michelle

Managua's Amusement Park

Sandino Watches Over Us

Roadside Pet Store

Pricesmart Gaurd Tower

Big Bags 'O Rice

The Kite Man

Big Soccer Game
After PriceSmart we headed over to visit Juniett's crazy aunt Haydee. Along the way we passed a band playing and what I thought was a parade so I started taking pictures. Unfortunately, I soon realized it wasn't a parade, it was a funeral procession. I felt like a complete dope for taking pictures of people mourning but nobody seemed to mind.

Cool Graffitti

Einstein's House?

Nice Ditch

Local Church

Road Closed For A Band

What's Going On?

Is This A Parade?

Oops, It's A Funeral...

Bello Horizonte
We arrived at crazy Aunt Haydee's house and she showed us her new motorcycle. In addition to being certifiably insane she also owns a video production company. She made the official authorized copy of our wedding video. (I'm sure bootleg copies are already available all over Managua by now.) I'm only half joking about that. I've never seen a non-bootleg DVD for sale in Nicaragua and our wedding was the event of the millenium.

Some video of "crazy" Aunt Haydee...

Hanging out in Bello Horizonte...

A Rare Site

Crazy Aunt Haydee

Nice Watch

Haydee & Her Grandson

Playing On The Porch

A Modern Building

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