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There are a ton of what I call "herb stores" in Medellin. I have never seen anything like them anywhere else in the world. They are basically stores that sell nothing but dried herbs, roots, plants, etc. that are used for curing what ails you. Medellin also has the greatest fruit stands I've ever seen. Not only do the sell fresh fruit but they'll peal it and chop it up for you if you want a quick snack.

Here's some video of the streets of Medellin...

The Herb Man

El Centro

Another Church

Fresh Fruit

Feeling Lucky?

Sexy Clothes For Fat Women



Cool Statue

Medellin has a fantastic metro system. The fares range for 50 cents to a dollar and you can get pretty much anywhere you need to go on the metro. The trains are fast, safe, and clean. The only downside is they are usually packed. Taking the train is the best way to get around town because traffic in Medellin is horrific. Cabs are cheap but because of the traffic it can take an hour to go a few miles. Once you get the hang of the train system you'll never take a cab again.

Metro Station

Another Old Church

The Metro

The Metro

Even The Dog's A Soccer Fan

Really Old Church

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