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On Saturday Ana and I went shopping. Nothing in the world could be more agonizing for me in the states than shopping but in Latin America I love it. I think we were in every store in San Jose and we probably walked 20 miles during the day. Itís amazing how much you see that you didnít even know existed when you are with someone that knows their way around a city. Saturday night we went out to one of my favorite restaurants, Cafť Mundo, where I had their incredible Penne de Oliva. Itís penne pasta with chicken, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese. If it wasnít in incredibly poor taste I would lick the bowl itís that good.

Local Church

The Manger

Shoe Shine Guy


Ana Posing

Street Art

Cool Statues

Spray Paint Artist

Dancing Chicas
OK, this is the kind of stuff that only happens to me in San Jose. I'm standing there watching the guy spray paint artwork when all of the sudden I hear music blaring. I look up and what do I see coming down the street but a mobile dance club. Actually, they were promoting a new Costa Rican lottery game but it was a bizarre sight. I got a great video of it...

I also happened to walk by the building that almost fell on me on a previous trip (note I was on the other side of the street this time) and I noticed that it's being renovated. Apparently they are turning it into some kind of musuem.

Dancing Chicas

Lottery Prizes

Collapsing Building

Cafe Mundo

Penne De Oliva


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