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One night after work we walked over to my wifes aunts house for dinner and I took some pictures along the way. Of course, there are the obligatory photos of the missing manhole cover and graffiti but I also took a photo of a Nica delicacy, the hot dog on a stick. This was the first time I ate a hot dog in Nicaragua and I tried not to think about what might be in it...

More Graffitti

Roadside Fire

Walking In Bello Horizonte

Watch Your Step

Missing Manhole Cover

Bello Horizonte

Colorful Houses

Purple House

Hot Dog On A Stick

For the most part our new neighborhood is pretty clean, quiet, and peaceful. Another one of those little unnerving signs of bad things to come in Nicaragua, however, is the photo I jokingly call "cop guarding a manhole cover." In reality, the cop is guarding the house of a local political figure that's been receiving death threats. It seems a plot was uncovered recently where a bunch of political opponents of the FSLN were going to be killed. The article I read about it sounded like it came straight out of the movie "The Godfather" where they killed the heads of the 5 families. Fortunately for my neighbor the plot was uncovered before it was actually completed. Just one more thing that doesn't give me a warm, fuzzy feeling about the current state of affairs in Nicaragua.

Cutting Down A Tree

Neighborhood Park

Neighborhood Park

More Graffitti

Cop Guarding A Manhole Cover

A Little More Graffitti

My Neighborhood

Proud To Be Sandinista

Watch Your Step

One thing you won't see at the mall in Managua are any stupid signs that say "This Is A Gun-Free Zone". What you will see, however, is a small army of heavily armed men. Another thing you won't see is some hacked-off teen going on a shooting spree because daddy didn't buy him an X-Box. Hmmmm, maybe all those guys with guns aren't such a bad idea.

The Guns As Big As He Is

Move It Or I'll Shoot

Loading Up The Groceries

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