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I failed to mention that if you were brave enough to get into the ring with the bull you got a snazzy yellow t-shirt for risking your life. I was shocked at how many people got into the ring and what makes it even crazier is they are all in there at the same time so you have a bull and 50 people running around. None of the amateurs got nailed by a bull the night I was there but I guess it's quite common for people to get gored during this event. I can see why since there are so many people running around a lot of them time they end up running into each other.

Over A Barrel

Getting Ready

Release The Bull

Climbing Into The Stands

Chasing The Bull

The First Bull Didn't Have Horns

After the "warm-up" bull the next event was the person toss. They brought out a giant cargo net and then used it to toss people as high in the air as they could. The goal was to hit one of the banners hanging from the ceiling. The first person to touch the banner won a $10 gift certificate to Importadora Monge. One more thing you would never see in the land of the lawsuit...

Ready, Set, Heave

It's Raining Men

Going Up


This Is Gonna Hurt...

Almost There

OK, after the person toss it was time for a "real" bull. The next bull they let loose had the biggest set of horns I've ever seen. This bull was also CRAZY lest you think they let some old tired bull out there that wasn't going to hurt anyone. A couple of people got close but no one ever did touch the bulls horns. When it was time to get the bull out of the ring it took four guys on horses at least 20 minutes to get it out of there. Unfortunately, I only got one video because I filled up my 1.9 gig video card.

Taunting The Bull

That's A Big Set Of Horns

That's A Big Set Of Horns


Hmmm, Who Do I Want To Gore?

The Rides

I highly recommend the trek to Palmares if you are in town when the fiesta is happening. It was definately a fun night and a cheap one as well. Palmares is about an hour from San Jose with normal traffic but on weekends it can take 2 hours due to the number of people trying to get there.

On Saturday morning I headed back to Managua for a few more days before heading home. I booked a window seat on the Copa flight both ways so I could take so pictures. On the trip back it was less hazy so the pictures are better than the ones from the week before. I also got a nice video taking of from San Jose.

More Rides

Leaving San Jose

Heredia, I Think

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

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