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During the week I have to work so I can pay for all these trips. I start work at 6 AM local time (8 AM on the east coast) and work in the room until around 10 AM or so. Around 10 AM I usually move outside and work by the pool for the rest of the day. I find that I'm incredibly productive during these times. It takes a tremendous amount of discipline to work this way but I have found that by establishing a good daily routine that I'm actually less distracted by palm trees than I am by what I would encounter in a normal day at the office.

My Office

View From My Office

View From My Office

Computer Geeks Diet

Colorful Mural

No Idea What This Is

Filling Up The Tank

Squatters Paradise

I took a picture of a 500 Cordoba note for a couple of reasons. First, I had never seen one before and second I wanted to warn you about using them. 500 Cordoba's is a little less than $30 so it's not a lot of money. When you try to use one, however, you are likely to send the cashier wherever you are into a panic. I tried to use one at the Esso gas station and the girl didn't have enough change in the register for me to use it. In fact, everywhere I tried to spend them people grumbled about them unless I was buying something that costs near that amount.

500 Cordobas

Dancing Chicas

More Dancing Chicas

Winnie The Pooh Is My Copilot

Trash Sculpture?

Car Wash

Street Vendors

Daniel Wants Peace

Nice Casa

We Have Satellite

Nice Pole

Not So Nice Neighborhood

The Bus Stop



Grab A Cold Beer

Another Trash Sculpture

Daniel, Daniel, Everywhere

Only 102 Degrees Today

Your Tax Dollars At Work

Here are some various videos of life in Managua:

Parade video...

Walking In Managua 1

Walking In Managua 2

Driving In Managua

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