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After our boat ride it was time to head back to Managua. Unfortunately for us, the police had other ideas. Apparently, we were going the wrong way on a one-way street while we were leaving the park. Of course, the road wasn't marked one-way, you just have to know that. Getting stopped by the cops in Nicaragua isn't exactly a pleasant experience. There was a point in the process when Johnny was furiously digging around the car for documents when I thought we might be going to jail. I had a copy of my passport but I didn't have a copy of my "tourist card" which shows when I entered the country. The cop didn't like that very much. Anyway, after 30 minutes of furious negotiations Johnny got us off with just a warning so it was a happy ending.


"Respecting" Nature

"Respecting" Nature

Just Like NYC



Baseball Field

Back Street In Granada

Iglesia de Guadalupe

Iglesia de Guadalupe


Back Street In Granada

Playing In The Street

Back Street In Granada

Back Street In Granada

Main Square

Cute Chica

The Beer Men

Granada's Seen Better Days

Back Street In Granada

Sandinista Statue

Baseball Esta Noche

Baseball Esta Noche

A Gate

I took some video on the drive back to Managua.

A Pulperia

Another Sign To Ignore...

"Gated" Community


Using Her Head

Goat In The Road

Goat On The Loose!

This Taxi Gets Great Mileage!


Welcome To Managua

A Truckload Of People

Nice Hedges
Some scenes from driving around in Managua.

A Fortress Or A House?

Hotel Bello Horizonte

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