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After walking around in Granada for several hours Johnny and I decided to have lunch. He talked to some locals and they pointed us to a place called El Zaguan. The food is very good and the highlight is that they bring your food to the table on your own personal grill. I've never seen anything like this before but it was great. The grill is loaded with red-hot wood charcoal and it keeps your food hot while you eat.


Nuclear Powered Salsa


Your Own Grill

Palacio Municipal

We Got Shoes In The Wire...

After lunch we headed over to the malecon to check out the park by the beach. This area hops at night but it's pretty quiet during the day. The park is loaded with clubs and bars but they're all closed during the day.


Entrance To Park

Entrance To Park



Plenty Of Bars

Nice Building

Police Station

Pollo Stand

Colorful Bench

To The Beach

Beach Umbrellas

After touring the park we decided to take a walk on the beach. Unlike Lake Managua, Lake Nicaragua isn't completely polluted so you can swim and fish in it. The beach, however, is pretty dirty and doesn't really look all that inviting. Several locals were enjoying the water though so it can't be that bad.

The Beach

And Not A Very Clean One...

The Beach

Barbed Wire

Painted Trees

A Sign No One Pays Attention To

We left the beach and headed further down the road to another section of the park. When we got out there were a couple of guys standing around and they offered to take us on a boat ride on the lake. Bear in mind that I had done absolutely no research before coming to Granada so I had no idea why I would want to go on a boat ride. I'm thinking this is a tourist town, I've gotta pay for me and Johnny, I wasn't planning on going on a boat ride, etc. so my initial reaction was to pass on the offer. Out of curiousity I asked how much it would cost and the guy said 300 Cordobas for both of us. It turned out to be $15 well spent.

For $15 we got a 2 hour tour of the isletas in Lake Nicaragua. There are hundreds of these tiny islands in the lake that were formed after a massive volcanic eruption. Many of the islands have spectacular homes on them and there are all kinds of exotic birds, monkeys, etc. that you see on the islands.

Mombacho Volcano

Mombacho Volcano


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