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When lunch was over we went over to check out the town of Masaya and went up to the top of the mountain to check out the views. It's a popular spot with people from Managua since it's only about a 20 minute drive.

Here's some video from the top of the mountain...

Junieth & Michelle

Masaya Craft Shop

Church In Masaya

Old Spanish Building

Dress Shop In Masaya

On Top Of The Volcano

Nice View Of The Lake

Me & Junieth

Me & Junieth

One More Time

OK, One More

Nicaragua Is Lush

While we were there I noticed a large rain cloud heading our way. The wind started to pick up and within 5 minutes we were literally pinned down by hurricane force winds. I don't think I've ever seen the weather change so radically so fast. I took some video of the wind and I honestly thought the roof was going to come off the building at one point. As quickly as the storm blew in, however, it was gone and we were on our way back to Managua.

Some video of the hurricane...

Junieth Ponders Her Future

Rain Is Coming

The Wind Is Roaring

Junieth Decides That Candy Is The Solution

Old Lady Eyes Up My Girlfriend

Horse Rides


Serious Looking Bulls

Another Statue Store

Why would I take a picture of a tree in the middle of the road? Well, this tree is actually a pretty famous landmark in Managua. You see, nothing in Managua has an address so they give directions by landmarks. For example, there's a mall near "el arbol" (the tree) and the address is from the tree go 2 blocks toward the lake then turn right. Unless you know what tree is "the" tree the directions aren't of much use to you. This is "the" tree. ;)

Saturday night Junieth and I went out dancing with her cousin. Saleen is an amazing dancer and I'm, well, not one. The place we went to is a club called Mirador Tiscapa and it's definately the hip, trendy spot to take a date in Managua. The food is excellent and as in the case everywhere in Managua it's relatively inexpensive. Dinner, drinks, tax, and tip for 4 was around $30.

Heading Back Into Managua

"El Arbol"

"El Arbol"

Plato Typico

Me, Saleen, & Junieth

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