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After a fun weekend in the "country" it was back to Managua for a week of work. I took a picture from the front door of my apartmentment to show the neighborhood we live in. It's a nice upper/middle class area of Managua called "Colonia Centroamerica".

A video tour of my apartment. The "other" girl in the video is our housekeeper...

View From My Apartment

Since I had the day off on 7/4 I decided to celebrate the birth of our nation by getting a haircut. Before that, however, we made a trip to the mall to do a little shopping. I took a picture of the parking lot because it tells you a little about the state of the Nicaraguan economy. It's empty pretty much the same as the average Nicas pockets.

Some things are the same in every culture. My haircut was $4. My girlfriends was $40.

After our haircuts we came home for dinner. All over Managua there are little restaurants that people run out of their houses, on the sidewalk, etc. Right around the corner from our house there is a place that makes great food. You take your own plate and they load it up with all the food you can eat for $2. Not only is eat cheap, it's excellent and served with style.

Junieth & Cousin Michelle

Parking Lot At The Mall

The "Belleza"

Getting A Haircut

A Little Off The Sides Please

I Look Fabulous

Michelle Patiently Waits

It's Junieth's Turn

Carne Asada For Dinner

On Friday I went to see the dentist. It's hard to beat getting a dental exam and your teeth cleaned for $15. After the dentist's office it was time for another birthday party. We headed over to Junieth's aunts house where the whole family was gathered. Junieth got a chance to show off her shiny new engagement ring and I got a chance to practice my pitiful Spanish.

On the way over I took a video driving on Carratera Masaya, the "main drag" in Managua...

The Dentist's Office

Junieth's Crazy Aunt

My Buddy From Peru

Junieth & Another Aunt

Drive Your Horse To The Hardware Store

I look Better With Short Hair

Michelle Agrees

Rent From Lugo

Socialist Party HQ

On Saturday we loaded up the family and went to their friends home for a "sopa". Basically this is a party where your host makes a big batch of soup. The main course was chicken soup and it was very good. The family's home we went to is in Masaya and isn't far from the active volcano of the same name. The family owns a nursery and the whole place is a massive tropical garden. It was another once in a lifetime experience.

Masaya Volcano

Masaya Is Behind The Tree

Masaya Volcano

Heading To Masaya

Heading To Masaya

Heading To Masaya

Am I In Texas?

Yes, We're Going 50 MPH

Jardin Nicaragua

Sopa Is Coming

Junieth's Cousin From SF

More Familia

Fresh Avacado

Fruit Trees

Chicken In The Bread Pan...

Hi Mr. Pig

The Fish Bowl

Me & Junieth

Me & Junieth

Junieth In The Garden

Rosary Anyone?

After we were done eating a kid came by selling candy. It's one of the interesting things about living in Nicaragua. The door to door salesman is alive and well here. At least 5 times a day someone knocks on the door of the apartment with something for sale. Mangos, ice cream, bags of water, candles, etc. You name it, someone is selling it door to door in Managua.

The "Dulce" Dealer

Caramel Candy

Caramel Candy

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