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After swimming I headed back to the house to meet my girlfriend. We loaded up some of the family and headed out to dinner at a local restaurant. I could tell that my girlfriend was really sad because she was sure that she wasn't getting an engagement ring this trip. I figured that I had tortured the poor girl enough at this point so at dinner I asked her to marry me.

For some strange reason she said yes so my days as a single guy officially come to an end on 10/6/2007. I feel truly blessed to have met such a special girl and to have the privaledge of spending the rest of my life with her. Anyway, enough mushy stuff. The rest of the night was a fiesta to celebrate.

The Happy Couple

I'm A Lucky Man

Junieth's Cousins

Junieth's Brother

The Best Picture Of Me Ever

The Boys

Cousin Peter

Travelling in Acoyapa is certainly economical. Our hotel was $8/night. I thought the swans on the shower curtain were a nice touch. It almost made up for the fact that there was no hot water. Our impromptu engagement party the night before set me back a whopping $30. Not bad for dinner for 6 and including a bottle of rum for each of Junieth's brothers.

Our $8 Hotel Room

The Swans Are A Nice Touch

Road To The Hotel

In the morning me and a much happier Junieth headed to her aunt's house for breakfast. After breakfast I snapped a few photos around the neighborhood and spent some quality time relaxing on the front porch. The kids were fascinated by my camera and they all love having their pictures taken. I wish I had a way to send them the photos but you won't find many computers in Acoyapa.

My Beautiful Girlfriend

Relaxing In Acayapo

Playing Security Guard

Man, I Like This Chair

Another Cousin

The Dog Has The Right Ideas

Why Did The Chicken...

Street In Acayapo

Pet Birds

After breakfast we loaded up the SUV and it was off to grandma's house. Well, actually, we went to Junieth's uncles finca where Junieth's grandmother was supposed to come and meet us. You can only get to her house by horse and it's about a 2 hour ride from her uncle's finca. The drive tested the SUV to it's limits. The only road worse than this that I have ever been on was a logging road in northern Quebec. The scenery, however, is quite beautiful along the way.

More Birds In The Backyard

Heading To The Finca

Lot's Of Cows

And Some More Cows

Beautiful Scenery

The Milk Men

Entrance To The Finca

I Can't Believe I'm Driving Here

Is There A Road Here Somewhere?

We made it to the finca and were greeted by Junieth's family. It turns out that grandma never did get word that we were coming so she didn't come over to see us. So is life when you don't have a telephone and have to depend on someone bringing messages to you for communications.

The family farm is HUGE and is incredibly beautiful. There are hundreds of dairy cattle, horses, pigs, etc. I asked how many cows they had and they weren't really sure. They just said, "Mucho".

Some video from the finca...

Nice Bush

I Made It!

Junieth & Family

It's Amazingly Beautiful Here

This Farm Is Huge

Mmmmm, Bacon!

Pumping Water

Great Views

A Finca

Baby Pigs

Baby Pig

Mmmmm, Carne!

Kids Love Cows


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