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I saw something that amazed me one day while I was sitting in my apartment working. I was looking across the street and there were 2 guys up on the roof doing some work. The amazing part was how little work they were actually doing. If you look at the full size pic below you will see one of the guys sleeping on the sidewalk. That's pretty much what he did for most of the day. Every once in a while the owner of the store would come out and yell at him and he would climb back onto the roof for a few minutes. As soon as the owner went back in the store he would climb back down and go back to sleep. The guy most be the shop steward or something. ;)

I also took a picture of the "restaurant" below because I wanted to talk about these places a little bit. There are hundreds of little stands like this all over Managua in parking lots, on street corners, on people's front porches, etc. and the food is outstanding. Usually you get more food than you can possibly eat for $2 or less. They cook on charcoal grills and your food usually comes wrapped in a banana leaf. It's a cultural experience that shouldn't be missed in Managua.

Well, because I couldn't find anywhere else to put this here's some random video shot while driving around Managua...

The Sleeping Roofer

Great Place To Eat

Neat Graffitti

Today's Specials At The Dr's Office

Interesting Mirrors...

Cuidad Jardin
Going to the doctor's office in Managua is quite an adventure. Juniett and her aunt spent most of the week going to labs and doctors offices. Unlike the US, when you get tests done in Managua you have to go pick the results up yourself and take them to the doctors office with you. This leads to a lot of running around if you need multiple tests. You go here for this test, somewhere else for another, and then you have to go back to all the places and gather up all of the results. It's not a very user friendly system from what I saw. The good news is that grandma's fine and doesn't need to see anymore doctors for a while.

I shot some video while we were in one of the labs picking up test results...

Eaton Is Everywhere

The Nacatamales Store

Taking Grandma To The Dr.

Chicks Dig Me


Juniett's Aunt
One of the neat things about Central America are what I call the "loudspeaker guys". Several times a day someone will drive through our neighborhood in a car or truck with a giant loudspeaker mounted on hawking food, advertising businesses, or whatever. Here's some video of them in action...

I mention this constantly but every night they shut our power off for 3 or 4 hours. It's interesting to me that Nicas don't complain much about it and just sort of accept it as a fact of life. Every night was like a 3 hour laughfest. I have no idea how Juniett's aunt and grandmother could tell that many funny stories but they did. I guess when you deal with this every day of your life it's no big deal.

The Power Is Out

Grandma Hanging Out

My Girlfriend Is Cute

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