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After breakfast we headed out to pick up Juniett's aunt and grandmother so we could take them back to Managua. Juniett's grandmother hasn't been feeling well and needs to go to the doctor. Here's the trouble with the free healthcare in Nicaragua. Yes, it's free but it takes a couple months to get an appointment and you have to go to Managua to see the doctor. If you don't have relatives to stay with in Managua this really isn't possible for the average Nicaraguan.

As we neared the finca where they were going to meet us we had to drive through herds of cattle. I've yet to figure out why they have fences on the farms when the cows never seem to be inside the fenced in areas.

Why Are There Fences?

Wake up Bessy!

We're Here!

Juniett's Brother Milton

Kids Entertaining Themselves

Juniett Inspects The Hotel
Among the myriad of things that we had to do on this trip to get ready for the wedding was to find a hotel for my family when they come for the wedding. Americans are accustomed to small creature comforts like, oh, hot water, and the one hotel in Acoyapa doesn't provide this luxury. About 20 minutes from Acoyapa we found the hotel Campo Seco. We toured the place and it seemed like a nice place so I decided to reserve rooms for my family. This is where the fun started. I talked to the manager and said I wanted to make a reservatation. He asked for when and I said October. (5 weeks from the current date) He informed me that I should just call the week before and see if they had any rooms available. I explained that the point of making a reservation was to guarantee that I would have a room and that I would like to just do it now. I told him that I would be happy to give him a deposit on the rooms and he wasn't sure they could do that. I swear to God I've never been to a country that makes it more difficult to spend your money. Finally, he agreed to take $50 to hold the rooms and we were on our way back to Acoyapa.

This Hotel Has Air!

And A Fridge

And A Clean Bathroom

Hotel Campo Seco

The Flower Garden

Juniett Inspects The Garden

Juniett Tries The Swing

Juniett Tries The Swing

Juniett Tries The Swing
On Monday we headed to see the lawyer to do all the paperwork for the wedding. This was another interesting experience. The lawyer told me he needed my passport, my cedula, and a paper from the government stating I had never been married. OK, a couple of problems. I explained that in the US we don't have cedulas so that was impossible. (A cedula is a government ID card that almost all Latin American governments issue to their citizens when they turn 18.) He couldn't grasp the concept that I didn't have a cedula and the conversation deteriorated into me trying to explain that in the US we are a confederation of states and that a national ID card is considered unconstitutional by a lot of people. After convincing him that there was no such thing as a cedula in the US I then had to break the bad news that the government doesn't issues certification that you haven't been married in the US either. I could get papers saying I was married but not ones saying I wasn't. This led to a lot of consulting of law books and finally it was decided that if I provided my passport and my birth certificate then we could indeed get married as long as we had 4 witnesses instead of the standard 2. I have no idea how he came up with this arrangement but as long as he was happy so was I. In case you're interested, my "legal fees" to get all this done were $30.

Hotel Campo Seco

The Lawyer's Office

Nice "Street"

Across The Street

Park In Acoyapa

The Pepsi "Truck"
I've talked about this before but it bears repeating that Nicaragua has more door to door salesman than I've ever seen anywhere and they sell some bizarre things. I think the most bizarre I've seen was on this trip. A guy was going door to door selling mattresses. That's right, the guy was walking down the street with 4 mattresses strapped to his back peddling them door to door. I've seen a lot of things in Central America but that was definately one of the oddest.

The Mattress Salesman

Mmmmm, Tortillas

Wood Fired Stove

Making Tortillas

Making Tortillas

The Kids Are Happy

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