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After a brief 5 days back in Pittsburgh I hopped on a plane and was back in Nicaragua. I didn't take a ton of phots on this trip but I did take a lot of video. We didn't really go anywhere new so I didn't see much point in taking more pictures of the same things. One of the "new" things that I did on this trip was to take my girlfriends grandmother to the doctor. This gave me my first glimpse of the "free" healthcare system in Nicaragua and it was interesting to say the least.

Gay Men & A Gorilla

Free Health Care

School Girls In Their Uniforms
On Saturday night we loaded up the car with all of our wedding supplies and headed for Acoyapa. This was my first experience with driving at night outside of Managua. The trip to Acoyapa from Managua takes 3 hours during the day but at night it took almost 4. Driving at night outside of Managua is definately NOT something you want to do if you don't know where you are going. The biggest hazard is trucks that have no tail lights that are driving 10 MPH. The second biggest hazard is drunks staggering down the middle of the highway. The third is horses, cows, chickens, goats, etc. wandering down the road in the dark.

On Sunday we got up early and headed to see the family. The local church was rocking this Sunday morning and the festivities went on pretty much for the full day. I shot some video on the street and you can hear the music blaring from a block away..

Our $8/Night Hotel

Heading To Church

The Church
For the women in Nicaragua the typical day starts with cooking and cleaning. Every day the younger girls sweep everything out of the house into the street, then sweep the street, and mop the floors. The older women cook. The men hang out and watch. Breakfast typical consists of rice and beans but on this day they made a special treat for Juniett and me. I have no idea what nacatamales is made of but I didn't like it at all much to my girlfriends disappointment. I ended up going for the backup of corn on the cob. I can honestly say that it's the first time I've ever eaten corn on the cob for breakfast.

Cleaning Up

Hanging Out


Corn & Cheese For Breakfast

Plotting My Demise

A Pulperia
I wanted to say a word about "pulperias" because they are the lifeblood of every community in Latin America. A pulperia is roughly equivalent to a convenience store in the USA in that they both sell items like soft drinks, candy, etc. The difference is that you can go to a pulperia and buy 1 egg, 1 stick of gum, 1 cigarette, etc. If they know you and you're short on cash you can buy on credit until payday. They are also a short walk from your house so you don't need to pay for a cab to get to them like a grocery store. In a counrty where the average person makes less than $300/month these stores provide a vital function.

OK, enough rambling about pulperia's. Here's some video of the fine roads in Acoyapa...

Tough Route!

Juniett Takes The Wheel

Lots Of Traffic Today


Acoyapa Countryside

Acoyapa Countryside

Swollen River

Out For A Stroll

Cows Ahead

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