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I was awakened bright and early not by the sounds of a rooster crowing but of cows wanting to be milked. I spent the night on the porch sleeping in a hammock along with 5 other workers on the farm. Nicaragua is famous for it's hammocks and I understand why now. They are both comfortable and practical. When you have an extra person over you just string up another hammock. In the morning you roll it up and it no longer takes up any space. I would like to say I had a great nights sleep but I would be lying if I did. Sleeping outside in the middle of the jungle is a little disconcerting if you aren't used to it.

Mmmmm, Beans

Good Morning Mr Cow

Please Milk Us!!

Junieth Was Here

Chelsea Guarding The Milk

The Back Yard

Nice View

Heading Out For A "Shower"

Where's The Bano?
The day begins by milking cows and lots of them. There are no fancy milking machines here. All the cows are milked the old-fashioned way using 2 hands and a bucket. All of the milk was being made into cheese the day I was there. After they fill up the bucket they dump the milk into a giant wooden trough. I would love to tell you how they turn it into cheese but to be honest I was so wiped out from not getting any sleep the night before and milking a million cows that I feel asleep in the hammock and missed the rest of the process. Lousy, lazy gringo...

Milking Cows...

Juniett's Nephew

More Cows

Milking The Cows

Chelsea Lends A Hand

Milkin' Milton

Juniett Supervises

Mmmm, Carne

Juniett With Her Cow Whacking Stick

Juniett Milking A Cow

Honey, Stop Taking Photos

Salin Gives It A Try


I'm A Natural

It's A Motion I'm Familiar With

Smiling For The Camera

More Cows

There's A Chicken In There

At Least, I Think It's A Chicken

After I woke up I did manage to get 1 picture of the kitchen before I got thrown out. The kitchen is the woman's domain in Nicaragua and men simply aren't welcome in there. Unlike the US, in Nicaragua men and women have clearly defined roles. This is something that is taking some time for me to get used to since I've been used to doing things for myself for a long time. My girlfriend, for example, gets mad because I often make breakfast for myself. From my perspective I view it as just being courteous since I have to get up really early in the morning and she doesn't. From her perspective she sees it as saying I think she's a lousy cook. (which she's not)

We're Making Cheese

Milton Adds More Milk

The Kitchen

Fruit Trees


Back Of The Finca

Juniett Picking Fruit

Petting The Goat

The Pigs Have The Right Idea

Baby Pigs

Lot's Of Cactus

More Beans

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