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One thing I never skimp on in my travels is fine dining. In 9 days in Lima I didn't have a single bad meal. Most dishes were beautifully presented even at the cheapest places. I ate at the most expensive restaurant in Lima (Astrid y Gaston) and dinner for 2 was still only 200 soles. (about $60) The cheap places, which are still excellent, run $3 or $4 for a full meal. My favorite place the whole trip was Jose Antonio in San Isidro. I went there with my friend Rich at the beginning of the week and later took a date there. Both nights the food was fantastic, the service excellent, and the bill modest. ($15-$20 per person)

A great restaurant that I stumbled across while wandering around Miraflores was Rodizio. This is a Brazilian steakhouse that features "Todos Los Carne" every night for 25 soles. In English that's all the beef you can stuff in your piehole for $8. I walked in, was seated, and what followed was a blizzard of beef and pork that would force even Homer Simpson into submission. When you sit down they give you a button that is red on one side and green on the other. If you have the green side up it means keep the carne coming and if you flip it to the red side it means no mas. Every 5 minutes or so a guy carrying a load of beef on a giant sword comes by and loads your plate up again. Each time itís something different, beef, pork, sausages, etc. I could barely walk when I left...

Screwing Around In The Elevator

Inca Kola Tastes Like Bubblegum

Good Night At The Casino!!

Keep The Beef Coming

No Mas!!

The Carne

I Really Wanted Her Photo ;)

Me And My Hero

All The Beef You Can Eat...$8
My friend Rich was not going to be happy until I tried seafood and enjoyed it. With that in mind he took me to his favorite cerbicheria in Lima, La Mar. There are cerbicherias all over Lima. It's what everyone eats for lunch but never for dinner. Why that is, I don't know, it's just the way it is. I have to admit that I was convinced that I was going to hate it but I was wrong. The lime juice they marinate the fish in kills the fish taste. I actually found it quite tasty and I HATE FISH!

La Mar Cebicheria

Mini Causa

Mini Causa


La Mar Cebicheria

La Mar Cebicheria
Walking around town I took some photos just of "stuff". The school kids all wear uniforms. I wish they would do that here. Gas is outrageously expensive. At $4.50 to $5.00/gallon it has inspired some rather creative solutions. You can buy natural gas powered cars in Peru. The limo at my hotel was natural gas powered. I rode to the airport in it and you would never know it wasn't running on gasoline.

The shopping in Lima is awesome and I don't even like to shop. I bought a ton of stuff on this trip and was able to complete my Christmas shopping in October. (usually it's 12/24 when I'm finishing) They sell everything you can think of and it's all good quality and dirt cheap. I bought certain things and I paid 1/10th what they would have cost in the US. (I can't say what because my family reads this site.)

School Kids

15 Soles Per Gallon

One Of The Nicest Supermarkets I've Ever Been In

Peruvian Vases

Alpaca Goodies

Palm Trees

Peruvian Deli Sandwich

Rich's Scallops

Tantra Deli

Avenida Jose Pardo - Miraflores

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