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I took an afternoon to wander around in the central market in Surquillo. (10 minute walk from Miraflores) This is definitely a place that doesnít see a lot of gringos walking around in it. The best way I can describe the place is that it is like a giant enclosed flea market where people hawk their wares. There are produce vendors, fish stands, meat markets, bootleg DVDís, clothing, trinkets, etc. You name it, they sell it there. There are also several rows of small eateries where you can have lunch cooked to order for $2 or $3. I had the shrimp and rice and some cerbiche on the side. The cerbiche (raw fish marinated in lemon juice) I didnít care for but the shrimp and rice was excellent. I washed it down with a glass of "chicha morada". Chicha morada is a local drink made out of corn that is actually pretty good.

Fresh Vegetables

Mmmmmm, Pollo

Mmmmmm, Pollo

The "Bag 'O Sauce" Stand

Fresh Fish
After lunch me and my friend cruised around checking out the tiendas and provided much amusement for the locals. People would hear Rich and I speaking English and their heads would whip around to see the gringos. The beauty of it is that they seemed generally happy to see us there just because we were there. It wasnít taken as an opportunity to put their kids through college because a couple of gringo marks showed up. When you ask how much something costs and the answer is Ĺ sole (15 cents) thereís a pretty good chance thereís no gringo tax.

Assorted Cow Parts

Peruvian Popcorn

Shrimp, Rice, And Cerbiche

Chicha Morada

Purple Corn

Bootleg DVD's - 3 for $3

Nuts & Spices

Street Scene

Street Scene

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