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On a Friday night my boss called me and said, "What are your plans for next week?" Having worked for my company a long time I know that's code for "we're planning to send you someplace awful next week." Sure enough, on Sunday I was on a plane on my way to Juarez, Mexico. Because I booked the trip on such short notice the only way to get there was to fly from Pittsburgh to Salt Lake City, Utah and then to El Paso, Texas. I had never been to Salt Lake City before and it wans't how I pictured it. The airport is surrounded by what looks like swampland. It's just very odd looking. I took a nice video when we were taking off...

Salt Lake City, Utah

Sunset Over Salt Lake City

Sunset Over Salt Lake City

Sunset Over Salt Lake City

Sunset Over Salt Lake City

Mmmm, Salsa
Several things surprised me about Juarez. First, the city is a lot cleaner and more modern than I thought it would be. The only other Mexican city I've been to is Tijuana and it's a dump. Juarez, on the other hand seems like it would be a decent place to live. The second thing that surprised me was the number of outstanding, high-end restaurants. The first night we went to Maria Chuchena and it's quite an experience. The food is great and they put on quite a show as well.

Maria Chuchena

Non-Exploding PEMEX Station

We're Hiring

Batman Returns


Crossing The Border

El Paso Ahead

The School Of Football

Skateboard Park

Skateboard Park

Skateboard Park

Nice Hotel

Nice Bus

Just A Little Sunny Today

Not Sure...

El Centro

Dong Fong

Budweiser Church

Cool Building

Not Sure

Awesome Mexcian Food!
Due to the fact that I spent about 16 hours a day working while I was there I didn't get a tremendous amount of time to take a lot of photos or explore much while I was in Juarez.

Street Vendors

Not Sure

Heading Back To The USA

Bienvenidos a los Estados Unidos

Welcome Home!

Back In El Paso, Texas

Nice View From The Hotel

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