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It's hard to beat the prices in Peru. I picked up some soccer jerseys for my bosses daughter and they were $5 each. (It's always good to keep the boss happy.) I should point out that as in most of Latin America everything is negotiable here. I used to find it annoying to have to bargain for everything but now that I can speak Spanish a little it's kind of fun. Just remember that there are 1000 people selling the same crap here and you're the one with the money. It's amazing how fast the prices drop when you start to walk to the next booth.

I tried to take some night photos and they didn't turn out half bad. Parque Kennedy is in the heart of Miraflores and right near my hotel. There is almost ALWAYS something going on there no matter what time of day or night. In the evenings they have crafts people that make jewelry, artwork, etc. During the day there are shows, street vendors, etc. I love this area of Lima.

Parque Kennedy At Night

Soccer Jersey

Soccer Jersey

Soccer Jersey

Soccer Jersey

Larco Mar At Night

Larco Mar At Night

Larco Mar At Night

Driving In Lima

The nicer parts of Lima are extremely clean. In fact, there are people cleaning the streets everywhere in Lima. They even have people that sweep the highways. Late at night they have a veritable army of people out cleaning the streets. It's a stark contrast to a lot of Latin American countries which are nothing more than garbage dumps with palm trees.

Driving In Lima

Internet Cabinas

Nice Dubs

Clean Highways

Rotunda In Miraflores

With A Starbucks...

Virgin Mary Statue

My God In You I Trust

Street Sweeper

Mucho Trafico


Cool Statue

OK, this is a goofy thing to take a picture of but I wanted to point out that milk doesn't require refrigeration in most Latin American countries I've been to. It comes in a box or a plastic bag instead of a milk carton. This makes SO much more sense than the way we do it here that it makes me wonder WHY milk has to be refrigerated here.

On another note, I went out to dinner at an interesting restaurant in Lima called Scena. It's an art gallery and a restaurant and they have performances during dinner. To be honest, I went there by mistake but was plesantly surprised by the place. I took some video of the performances until they asked me to stop.

Got Milk?

Got Milk?

Mmmm, Apples N Cinammon Oatmeal

Yes, He IS Cleaning The Roof

Scena Restaurant

Friendly Artist

Some Of Her Work

More Of Her Work

Relax Y Vida

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