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The list of things that the Incas thought of 600 years ago that amazed me was endless. Machu Picchu bills itself as one of the ďnewĒ seven wonders of the world and it surely has my vote. It was definitely one of the most amazing places I have ever been to in my life.

The tour finished at 1:30 and it was a heckuva workout. You do a tremendous amount of hiking and climbing on the tour so make sure you wear comfortable shoes. I saw a lot of people that looked like they were ready to die on various parts of the tour so getting in shape before you go there isnít a bad idea either.

I hopped onto a bus and we started our journey back to Aguas Calientes. As the bus was heading down the mountain we passed a group of kids in typical Peruvian dress standing along the road shouting at the bus. It turns out theyíre part of the entertainment. As the bus heads through the maze of switchbacks one of the kids runs down the mountain and beats the bus to each turn in the switchback. He does this the entire length of the mountain and stands at each turn shouting at the bus. You have to see the mountain the kid runs down to appreciate it in total. At the bottom the kid hops on the bus and comes around for his propina. (tip) Itís probably the most entertainment Iíve ever gotten for 50 cents.

Goodbye, Machu Picchu

Loco Chicos

Loco Chicos

Riding Down The Mountain

I Smiled For You Now Pay Me!

Aguas Calientes

Once the bus got back to town I had about an hour to kill so I wandered around off the beaten path. I found a nice little restaurant and had a pizza for lunch. It was pricey by Peru standards ($8) but it was good and fast. After that I did some shopping and I picked up a Peruvian chess set for myself for 20 soles. ($7) I donít even play chess but I love these chess sets. The 2 sets of pieces are the Incas and the Spanish. The boards and the pieces are hand-painted and they are absolutely beautiful.

Mmmmm, Diet Coke

Wrong Side Of The Tracks?

El Restaurante

Peruvian Pizza

Vote For Machu Picchu

Aguas Calientes

Alpaca Goodies

The Mercado

Packing Up My Chess Set

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