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OK, this section has absolutely nothing to do with travelling in Latin America but golf is a "guy thing" so I stuck it on the site anyway. I had the opportunity to go to the first practice round for the 2007 US Open at Oakmont GC and thought I would share the photos. After what I saw during the practice rounds I wouldn't expect very low scores. First, you could lose a small child in the rough. It's waist deep in some places. Second, this course is just plain difficult. Many of the greens slope from front to back making it extremely difficult to stop shots. The course is also very hilly and the fairways slope from one side to the other causing even well placed shots to produce difficult lies in the middle of the fairway. The final and deadliest weapon Oakmont has are it's greens. They are just CRAZY fast and devilishly hard to read. We watched the best players in the world for 8 hours and only saw 2 putts holed from over 10 feet away. I watched Tiger Woods try the same 5 foot putt 6 times and only make it once on #13. He then went 0 for 6 from 5 feet on #14. When one of the best putters in the history of the game can't sink a 5 footer it tells me these greens are TOUGH!
Another little footnote I wanted to mention about the US Open is the amount of security is incredible. Before you get on the bus to go to the course you have to go through airport-like security. They have metal detectors set up and you have to empty your pockets so if you're thinking about taking a camera or a cellphone forget about it. (cameras are allowed during practice rounds but no cellphones) Once you get to the course there are secret service looking guys everywhere. You know the type, they spend a lot of time talking into their sleeves, look like they could squeeze the life out of you with their pinky, and they are wearing holsters with big guns in them. I'm not opposed to security but it seemed excessive for a golf tournament. Welcome to the post 9/11 golf tournament...

Welcome To The 2007 US Open

Me And My Ticket

The Largest Merchandise Tent
I've Ever Seen


18th Fairway & Clubhouse

Deep Bunkers

Rolex Clock

Tiger On 13

A Befuddled Tiger

Tiger And Bubba's Bags

Tiger Missing Putts

Tiger Still Missing Putts

We Give Up

Tiger Woods

Oakmont GC

My Buddy Bill Watching The Action

Oakmont GC

Vijay Singh Teeing Off

Vijay Singh

Tiger Missing More Putts

Tiger Missing More Putts

Oakmont GC

Who Said There's No
Beach In Pittsburgh?

Yes, A 288 Yard Par 3

Checking The Yardage

Have You Seen My Ball?

Oakmont GC

Oakmont GC

Oakmont GC

The Church Pews

The Church Pews

Tough Greens!

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